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The SwiftUI version of a Swift paging Collection View.

A laptop with sticky notes reading “Code”, “Debug”, “Learn”, “Sleep”, “Repeat”
A laptop with sticky notes reading “Code”, “Debug”, “Learn”, “Sleep”, “Repeat”

I was working on a purely SwiftUI project that had a search bar, a map, and then a results section. The results section needed to be a collection of cards that the user could swipe through, with the focus snapping to the center item when the user stopped swiping (like photos). The center item would then update the pins in the map.

In Swift, this would be done easily with a Collection View, using “section.orthogonalScrollingBehavior = .groupPagingCentered

But when I searched for a way to do this in SwiftUI, I wasn’t finding an easy answer.

I tried using a LazyHGrid…

About the Project

For the last year, I have been learning how to develop iOS applications at Lambda. As part of the last month of training, Lambda has students work together in a cross-functional team (iOS, front and back-end web, data science) to develop a real project for a stakeholder. We’ve done shorter cross functional projects before, but this is the first opportunity most of us have had to create something that will actually be put into production. It’s really exciting to know that what you are working on will actually be used. …

When PTSD Takes Over

This is not what I planned to write this week. I wanted to write about my awesome experience at iOSDevCampDC. But something happened that impeded my ability to focus on the truly wonderful things that are happening in my life right now. Something big and scary and consuming. Something that demanded all of my attention.

I had what appeared to be a seizure. Twice.

I’d been having strange muscle spasms, mainly at night. I mentioned them to my chiropractor, who is also a close friend. She said to monitor them, but as long as they were…

This has to be one of the most amazing weeks of my life. It feels like I must be dreaming.

For the last year and a half, I have been attending Lambda School to learn how to be an iOS Developer. It has been a tough journey, balancing two jobs, school, and being a parent. Last week, I finished school and was officially endorsed. Thursday, I received a job offer from Rekor Systems. Then Friday, The Startup published my journal entry about learning GraphQL. All of my hard work over the last two years is paying off!

Monday, I started…

It’s easy to get overwhelmed right now by all of the scary news stories in the media. So I’d like to challenge you to a little game. See how long it takes you to find stories about the helpers in each of the following categories. Then post your time and the stories you found (with links) in the responses section. The person who finds stories in ALL categories (no duplicates) with the best time will get a shout out in my next story and a prize. …

A sign warning people about nearby quicksand.
A sign warning people about nearby quicksand.

What an uncertain world we live in right now. It seems like every day, something shifts drastically. Many of my friends have lost their jobs. Some have taken new jobs in essential industries, often for a significant pay cut. Others are collecting unemployment, which pays only a fraction of their previous income. There are new rules every day about what we can and cannot do. It’s easy to become anxious with so much uncertainty, especially when social distancing separates us from friends and loved ones.

Yet there is hope in all of this craziness. Many of the changes are inspiring…

A well dressed man stands holding a map and looking confused.
A well dressed man stands holding a map and looking confused.

This week, I had the pleasure of remembering what it was like to navigate without a working GPS… and it was a powerful reminder of all I have to be grateful for in my life.

But let me start at the beginning. I am the Administrative Director for a small college in Florida. Part of my job is maintaining the college’s annual approval from the Department of Education (DOE). Once a year, I attend a meeting with the DOE, where the board members review schools in depth to ensure that students are being adequately served. If the board members have…

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